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Handsome Heroes and Vile Villains

Handsome Heroes and Vile Villains

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Handsome Heroes and Vile Villains

Men in Disney's Feature Animation

By Amy M. Davis

A companion to the classic Good Girls & Wicked Witches

Publication date: 2013
Total pages: 284
ISBN: 9780 86196 704 9
Price: £ 17.50


Good Girls and Wicked Witches: Women in Disney’s Feature Animation examined the changing ways in which various representations femininity have been depicted in the Disney studio’s films from 1937 (in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) to 2003 (in Treasure Planet).

Handsome Heroes and Vile Villains take up this same theme, examining how masculinity is portrayed in human male characters (GG&WW concentrated on human female characters). This book encompasses 28 Disney films (beginning with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), culminating with Wreck-It Ralph (2012), looks at the men and boys in the Disney studio’s animated feature films from a historically-based, Gender Studies perspective. In other words, it examines the depictions of men and boys (both heroes and villains) from the perspective of Masculinity Studies as well as feminist film theory, and places these depictions within the larger context of Hollywood and US popular culture in the eras in which the various films were released.



Chapter 1: On Wooden Boys and Assistant Pig-Keepers

Chapter 2: Dashing Heroes

Chapter 3: Handsome Princes

Chapter 4: Evil Villains


Bibliography, Filmography, Index


Amy M. Davis is a the author of several papers on Disney feature animation: Good Girls and Wicked Witches (2006) was her first large study of the Disney studio’s output, and grows out of her doctoral work in the history department of UCL. She is currently teaches Film Studies at the University of Hull.

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