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Moving Experiences (2nd edition)

Moving Experiences (2nd edition)

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Moving Experiences (2nd edition)

Media effects and beyond

By David Gauntlett

Publication date: 2005
Total pages: 192
ISBN: 0 86196 655 4
Price: £ 17.50


A classic review of ‘media effects’ research, Moving Experiences is now revised and updated to include new chapters on David Gauntlett’s creative approaches to understanding media influences. Television, movies and new media have been blamed for every kind of social problem and antisocial act, and countless studies have set out to quantify their harmful effects. Gauntlett argues that much of this blame is misplaced, and that the methodology used to justify it is deeply flawed. Screen media is a central part of modern social life, and an importance influence upon how we see the world. But its ‘effects’ will necessarily be complex and indirect, whilst many of the ill effects attributed to screen media are really the result of more serious social problems.

This second edition includes two all-new chapters on the creative research methods which Gauntlett has been developing in recent years, which offer an alternative way of exploring media influences. The book contains a revised version of the original research review, as well as the article ‘Ten Things Wrong with the “Media Effects” Model,’ which has become much-cited in media studies textbooks.


‘David Gauntlett’s analysis of media effects research is still timely, impressively thorough, and yet a pleasure to read. Published in this edition with excellent new material about his creative new alternatives to traditional “effects” studies, this book is a must-have package for media students’
Annette Hill, Professor of Media Studies at University of Westminster.


1 Introduction

2 The question of effects, and the effect of wrong questions

3 Screen media and violence

4 Other feared effects of screen media

5 Prosocial effects of screen media

6 Campaigns and advertising

7 Towards an understanding of influences?: Other directions in effects research

8 The Context: Media Panic versus Media Content

9 Conclusion of the research review

10 Ten things wrong with the media ‘effects’ model

11 Beyond ‘effects’: New creative visual methods in media audience research

12 New creative visual research in action




David Gauntlett is Professor of Media and Audiences at Bournemouth Media School, Bournemouth University, UK.

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