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Shocking Entertainment

Shocking Entertainment

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Shocking Entertainment

Viewer Response to Violent Movies

Media: Media Audiences

By Annette Hill

Publication date: 1997
Total pages: 140
ISBN: 1 86020 525 9
Price: £ 17.50


Shocking Entertainment attempts to understand why adults choose to watch violent films which societal/cultural consensus considers extreme and brutal. If these films are brutalising, why do consumers consider them entertaining?
Understanding the process of viewing violence is one way of opening up the current debate concerning the 'effects' of violence to include objective and broadminded responses to this phenomena of our times.


Annette Hill is Senior Lecturer in Mass Media at the Centre for Communication and Information Studies, University of Westminster, and is the co-author (with David Gauntlett) of Living Media: Television, Audiences and Everyday Life .

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