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Paris 1928

Paris 1928

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Paris 1928

Nexus II

By Henry Miller

A previously unpublished Henry Miller

Publication date: 2012
Total pages: 168
ISBN: 9780 86196 697 4
Price: £ 17.50


Henry Miller’s Nexus was censored fifty years ago, while Miller and his publishers fought for freedom of speech. Nexus II was never published, and relooks at his first trip to Paris and Europe in 1928, a world on the edge of the great depression. “That night I didn’t sleep a wink. It wasn’t the bedbugs that kept me awake, it was Europe, the horror and misery, which penetrated it through and through.” This volume collates these unpublished memoirs as Henry Miller wished, showing his troubled relationship with June, what might be in store for him in Paris, and his life in New York, when alone in the hot summer of 1927. This first English edition, illustrated with drawings by Garry Shead, offers up a reprise of Miller’s views on Europe on the brink of great changes, counterpointed by his own personal sexual revellry and freedom of choice.


Introduced by Tom Thompson
Tom Thompson is an Australian publisher and literary agent who has represented the Estates of Henry Miller, Arthur Upfield and Judith Wright. He recently edited Lewis Morley’s photographs I to Eye and introduced Richard Brautigan’s The God of the Martians. He researched and prepared the sale of Miller’s Paris Notebooks and is preparing an unpublished draft of Tropic of Capricorn for publication with John Libbey.

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