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Youth and the Global Media

Youth and the Global Media

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Youth and the Global Media

Papers from the 29th University of Manchester Broadcasting Symposium

Edited by: Jo Langham Brown, Sue Ralph, Tim Lees

Publication date: 1999
Total pages: 256
ISBN: 1 86020 564 X
Price: £ 22.50


The area of children's and youth broadcasting has always aroused controversy among broadcasters, educationalist and the general public. In recent years, it has undergone enormous changes: soap operas and news programmes are now a daily part of children's viewing, cartoons occupy (some would say) an undue share of air time, and children themselves are today more media-literate than ever before ­ perhaps not the 'passive audience' they have so often been seen as.
The University of Manchester International Broadcasting Symposium has long been a meeting place for broadcasting professionals and educators. These edited sessions from the 1998 event cover such topics as new media, music broadcasting, images of children and young people, and cultural diversity in youth broadcasting; they feature papers and discussion from David Elstein, Brian Cosgrove, Anthony Wilson, Malcom Gerri and many others, including a selection of major international papers.

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