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The Post-Broadcasting Age

The Post-Broadcasting Age

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The Post-Broadcasting Age

New Technologies, New Communities

Edited by: Nod Miller, Rod Allen

Publication date: 1996
Total pages: 264
ISBN: 1 86020 502 X
Price: £ 12.95


The Post-Broadcasting Age looks at the extent to which the structures and cultural forms of broadcasting will survive into the next millennium. Will there be room for regional broadcasting, for independent producers, for schedules? Can, or should, a five hundred channel environment be subject to regulation? Or is the future mainly composed of video-on-demand and home shopping delivered on the Internet rather than over the airwaves? Programming, legal, technical, cultural and regulatory issues as well as ways forward are examined thoroughly in The Post-Broadcasting Age


Rod Allen is Director of Journalism at City University, London.
Nod Miller is Principal Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies at the University of East London.

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