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Pioneering Television News

Pioneering Television News

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Pioneering Television News

By Geoffrey Cox

Publication date: 1995
Total pages: 248
ISBN: 0 86196 484 5
Price: £ 12.95


Sir Geoffrey Cox was the Editor of ITN ­ Independent Television News ­ from 1956 to 1968, when television news rose from an illustrated supplement to radio news to being the main source of news for people in Britain and the United States. ITN played a leading role in pioneering this new journalism, and in bringing through newscasters like Robin Day and Alastair Burnett, who all became household names. In 1967 it launched, News at Ten, Britain's first half-hour news in prime time.
In Pioneering Television News', Geoffrey Cox traces the evolution of broadcast news from the earliest days of radio in Britain and the United States. He also describes the influence of cinema newsreels, and cinema documentaries

Foreword by Sir Robin Day


'Though I spent 31 years in broadcast news, I learned a lot from Geoffrey Cox's book, Pioneering Television News '.
Sir David Nicholas, former Editor-in-Chief ITN

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