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Global Spotlights on Lillehammer

Global Spotlights on Lillehammer

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Global Spotlights on Lillehammer

How the World viewed Norway during the 1994 Winter Olympics

Edited by: Roel Puijk

Publication date: 1996
Total pages: 269
ISBN: 1 86020 520 8
Price: £ 16.95


Thanks to global television, millions of viewers now watch the Olympics across the world. For the first time the Winter Olympics were available on television in 120 countries across every continent. The XVIIth Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer were a huge media success winning increased ratings in many countries. In the USA, the CBS viewing figures beat every previous Olympic prime-time rating ­ for either the summer or winter Games. However, despite the vast expenditure and the global popularity of Olympic coverage there has been little scholarly attention paid to this media phenomenon.
Global Spotlights on Lillehammer examines how a nation was promoted and poses more general questions about sport, the media and contemporary culture. Was Lillehammer 1994 a unified global event or did different cultures and audiences experience the Olympic Games in diversified ways? Do modern media events, such as the Olympic Games, contribute to the global village? If so, what is the role of the mass media in these processes?


Dr Roel Puijk is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Culture and Media Studies, Lillehammer College, Norway.

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