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Political Marketing and Communication

Political Marketing and Communication

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Political Marketing and Communication

By Philippe J. Maarek

Publication date: 1994
Total pages: 256
ISBN: 1 86196 377 6
Price: £ 14.95


Too often in the democratic world, politics and media unite in a strange marriage where both sometimes harm each other. Of course, this phenomenon is increased when major politicians accept insults during televised talkshows, which thereby begin to take on the form of modern circus games.
Nevertheless, political leaders do need to adapt their communication to the evolution of society. Political Marketing and Communication exposes how a global communication and political marketing process can truly help these leaders if they learn to master the steps.
In Political Marketing and Communication, Philippe J. Maarek undertakes a systematic and new approach to the matter, following a political science route.
This didactic work will be useful for students, for would-be and elected politicians or for any reader wishing to understand the keys of access to power.


Philippe J. Maarek is Associate Professor at Paris XII Val de Marne University and invited Lecturer at Paris I Panthéon, Sorbonne and Paris X Nanterre Universities

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