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Creating Local Television

Creating Local Television

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Creating Local Television

By Dave Rushton

Publication date: 1998
Total pages: 96
ISBN: 1 89940 501 1
Price: £ 9.95


Local television is the last great television adventure. The Independent Television Commission's new Restricted Services Licence encourages local television broadcasting by community groups, voluntary association, colleges and universities as well as by radio broadcasters, smaller television producers, video workshops and access centres.
Creating Local Television is a fascinating introduction to the new television licence, offering many insights into how new community and public information services using text, interactive teletext and audio can run alongside more conventional local television programmes. Creating Local Television is essential reading for media students and practitioners.


The author, Dave Rushton is Director of the Institute of Local Television and Lecturer in Media Management in the Department of Communication and Information Studies, Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh.

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