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Allegories of Communication

Allegories of Communication

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Allegories of Communication

Intermedial concerns from cinema to the digital

Edited by: Jan Olsson, John Fullerton

Publication date: 2004
Total pages: 352
ISBN: 0 86196 651 1
Price: £ 22.50


Allegories of Communication: Intermedial concerns from cinema to the digital provides an array of analytical gateways to the cultures of mediated vision and the technologies of moving images from pre- to post-cinema. The contributors are leading international scholars addressing media phenomena and their contexts from a variety of vantage points – Tom Gunning; Michael Renov; Lynn Spigel; Stephen Mamber; Malin Wahlberg; Trond Lundemo; William Uricchio; Donald Crafton; Jan Olsson; John T. Caldwell; Erkki Huhtamo; Vreni Hockenjos; Anne Friedberg; Emily Godbey; J.A. Sokalski; Richard Abel.


John Fullerton and Jan Olsson, are professors of cinema studies at Stockholm University.

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