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Arts TV

Arts TV

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Arts TV

A History of Arts Television in Britain

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By John A Walker

Publication date: 1993
Total pages: 256
ISBN: 0 86196 435 7
Price: £ 22.50


From Monitor to The Late Show, the story of British television programmes featuring the visual arts is a fascinating one that deserves to be told. Arts TV, the first general, scholarly account, identifies the various types or genres of arts programmes ­ review programmes, strand series, drama-documentaries, artists' profiles, etc and then gives a chronological account of their evolution from 1936 to the 1990s. Major series like Civilisation, Ways of Seeing, Shock of the New, State of the Art and Relative Values are examined in detail. The text also discusses the vexed issues associated with representing fine art, a form of high culture, in a mass medium.


'... a fascinating and detailed account ... a scholarly book ... A reminder that serious coverage of the arts on TV must remain part of our public service heritage.'
Voice of the Listener and Viewer


John A. Walker is the author of numerous articles and several books about contempory art, design and the mass media. He lectures on the History of Visual Culture at Middlesex University.

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