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Importing Asta Nielsen

Importing Asta Nielsen

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Importing Asta Nielsen

The International Film Star in the Making 1910-1914

Edited by: Martin Loiperdinger, Uli Jung

In this volume thirty-two international experts on early cinema provide case studies on Asta Nielsen’s significance in a pivotal period of film history.

Publication date: 2013
Total pages: 392
ISBN: 9780 86196 708 7
Price: £ 25.00


In this volume thirty-two international experts on early cinema provide case studies on Asta Nielsen’s significance in a pivotal period of film history. Asta Nielsen was the first renowned film star of the long-feature format. Like a brand, her name was inextricably connected with the films in which she played the leading role. Her international career rested on three exclusive Asta Nielsen series directed by Urban Gad, a steady flow of films which were exported from Berlin where they were made into many countries around the globe. Asta Nielsen’s international success relied heavily on the activities of, respectively, national or regional film distributors who catered to major cinemas in big cities and contracted long runs for her films. The contributions to this volume indicate the essential stimulus which new strategies in film distribution had on the emergence of the international film star, in a period of transition from short film programmes to the dominance of the long-feature film.

KINtop. Studies in Early Cinema: Volume 1 Series editors: Frank Kessler, Sabine Lenk and Martin Loiperdinger


Uli Jung and Martin Loiperdinger: Introduction

Asta Nielsen in Denmark

Casper Tybjerg: Presenting AFGRUNDEN in Copenhagen and Skive

Isak Thorsen: Nordisk Films Kompagni and Asta Nielsen

Julie K. Allen: Ambivalent Admiration. Asta Nielsen’s Conflicted Reception in Denmark, 1911–14

Agnes Schindler: “Aðalhlutverkið leikur: Frú Asta Nielsen-Gad”. Asta Nielsen Films in Reykjavík, 1912–1915

AFGRUNDEN – Debut Film of an Unknown Actress

Outi Hupanittu: AFGRUNDEN aka KUILU in Finland. Nordiska Biograf Kompaniet, Exclusive Distribution and Newly Established Censorship

Andrzej Debski: AFGRUNDEN in Warsaw and Asta Nielsen’s Popularity in Polish territories

Ouissal Mejri: AFGRUNDEN and Professor Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet in Alexandria

The Making of the Film Star in Germany

Martin Loiperdinger: “Die Duse der Kino-Kunst”. Asta Nielsen’s Berlin Made Brand

Andrea Haller: Advertising Asta Nielsen and the Long-Feature Film. The Case of Mannheim

Pierre Stotzky: Screening Asta Nielsen Films in Metz before the First World War

Asta Nielsen Films in Local Exhibition

Patrick Blaser: Asta Nielsen Films in Innsbruck before the First World War

Mattia Lento: Asta Nielsen in Zurich. Film Exhibition and Reviews

Adrian Gerber: Advertising Asta Nielsen. Traces of Local Trade Rivalry in Zurich and Transnational Circulation

Pierre-Emmanuel Jaques: Asta Nielsen in the Cinema Theatres of Lausanne, 1911–1913

Paul Lesch: “Earning the Audience’s Unbridled Applause”. Asta Nielsen Films in Luxembourg

María Antonia Paz and Julio Montero: “Celebrada artista de fama mundial”. Asta Nielsen in Barcelona, 1910–1914

Censorship versus Art Discourse

Jon Burrows: “The Great Asta Nielsen”, “The Shady Exclusive” and the Birth of Film Censorship in Britain, 1911–1914

Anne Bachmann: Vindicating The Great Moment against Swedish censorship. Asta Nielsen’s Soulful Eyes as On-Screen Pantomime

The International Cinema Celebrity

Giovanni Lasi: Italy’s First Film Star – Asta Nielsen, ‘Polaris’

Lauri Piispa: Asta Nielsen and the Russian Film Trade

Ansje van Beusekom: Distributing, Programming and Recycling Asta Nielsen Films in the Netherlands, 1911–1920

Valdo Kneubühler: Opportunities Gone By. Asta Nielsen Films in France before the First World War

Richard Abel: Asta Nielsen’s Flickering Stardom in the USA, 1912–1914

Outside the Western World

Rielle Navitski: Asta Nielsen as Import Commodity. International Stardom and Local Film Distribution in Brazil, 1911–1915

Dafna Ruppin: Asta Nielsen, Cinema-going and Film Censorship in the Netherlands Indies, 1912–1918

Stephen Bottomore: “The Great Favorite, Miss Asta Neilson”. Asta Nielsen on Australasian Screens

Sawako Ogawa: Asta Nielsen and Shimpa Films in Japan

Asta Nielsen – Positioning Her Status

Caroline Henkes: Asta Nielsen and Her Destitute Female Characters

Annemone Ligensa: Asta Nielsen in Germany – a Reception-Oriented Approach

Ian Christie: From Screen Personalities to Stars. Analysing Early Film Fame in Europe

Asta Nielsen – International Filmography, 1910–1914


Martin Loiperdinger is Professor of Media Studies at the University of Trier. He co-edited KINtop, the German yearbook of early cinema, and nowadays, KINtop – Studies in Early Cinema. With Uli Jung, he co-edited Geschichte des dokumentarischen Films in Deutschland, vol. 1 (2005). He co-curated the DVDs Crazy Cinématographe 1896–1916, and Screening the Poor 1888–1914. He edited Celluloid Goes Digital (2003), Travelling Cinema in Europe (2008), and Early Cinema Today. The Art of Programming and Live Performance (2011).

Uli Jung teaches anglophone film and literature at the University of Trier. He is general editor of the book series Filmgeschichte international which is sponsored by the Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg. He has widely published on German film history. His latest book publication is Geschichte des dokumentarischen Films in Deutschland, vol. 1 (2005) which he co-edited with Martin Loiperdinger.

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