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Forging war

Forging war

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Forging war

The Media in Serbia, Crotia and Bosnia Hercegovina

Edited by: Mark Thompson

Publication date: 1999
Total pages: 330
ISBN: 1 86020 552 6
Price: £ 25.00


FORGING WAR is an important book, the only work of its kind in any language.... A study of the political manipulation of the media in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia before and during the war, it is dispassionate, scrupulous, richly detailed, lucidly organised and quite free from bias or special pleading.
Noel Malcolm, The Spectator (UK)

FORGING WAR ... while necessarily detailed, evidential and careful in its conclusions, has important general implications. One is that political struggles for media control are early warnings of war and a form of preparation for it.
Martin Woollacott, The Guardian (UK)

What is demonstrated by ARTICLE XIX’s report . . . is that when a government severely restricts or prohibits opposition voices, the manipulation of public opinion by government-controlled media is itself a means of denying the free exchange of information and ideas.
Aryeh Neier, The Nation (USA)

A fascinating study of the manipulation of the media in the former Yugoslavia. Anthony Lewis,
New York Times (USA)

To those who still believe in the curative power of honest inquiry, FORGING WAR will be a landmark document. Inquiry of this type can clear the air, provoke healthy debate, and motivate the media and others to revive the watchdog function that is indispensable for democratic development.
Roy Gutman, Newsday


Mark Thompson, journalist and writer, was born in Sheffield in 1959, and educated in London and Cambridge

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