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Global Encounters

Global Encounters

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Global Encounters

Media and Cultural Transformation

By Thomas Tufte, Gitte Stald

Contributors: Jonathan Friedman, John Degnbol-Martinussen, Renato Ortiz, Stig Hjarvard, Terje Rasmussen, Roger Silverstone, Gitte Stald, Larry Strelitz, Marie Gillespie, Norbert Wildermuth, Annabelle Sreberny, Thomas Tufte

Publication date: 2002
Total pages: 256
ISBN: 1 86020 587 9
Price: £ 20.00


Global Encounters: Media and Cultural Transformation takes, as its point of departure, the two different images of globalisation identified by Featherstone in 1995. These are, on the one hand the image of the extension outwards of a particular culture to its limits – the globe; and on the other hand the compression of cultures, where things formerly held apart are now brought into contact and juxtaposition. In the first analysis the drive would seem to be towards cultural integration, homogenisation and unification but this is contested by the second movement where improved means of communication allow different cultures to meet and clash thereby increasing the contact and juxtaposition between cultures.


Global Encounters: Media and Cultural Transformation falls in three parts.

The first part, ’Globalisation, Differentiation and World Modernity’ contains overall assessments of the current globalizing changes in society.

The second, ’Cultural Urbanisation, World Media and Global Commons’ reflects upon the relation between globalisation, culture and the transformative role of the media.

The last part of the book, ’Cosmopolitanism, Diaspora and Cultural Diversity, is an empirical ’tour de monde’, examining youth cultures in South Africa and Denmark, Asian cultures in India and London, young ethnic minorities in Copenhagen and the Iranian diaspora in London.


Gitte Stald is Assistant Professor in the Department of Film and Media Studies, University of Copenhagen.

Dr. Thomas Tufte is Associate Professor, Department of Film and Media Studies, University of Copenhagen.

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