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Diversity or Anarchy

Diversity or Anarchy

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Diversity or Anarchy

Publication date: 2003
Total pages: 256
ISBN: 1 86020 591 7
Price: £ 25.00


The first Manchester University International Broadcasting Symposium was held thirty three years ago. Even in those far-off days when the UK possesed was only the BBC and one ITV channel, no Channels 4 or 5 or commercial radio and certainly no digital, the Symposium differed from other gatherings in taking as its subject for discussion radiocommunications as a whole. Since then it has established itself nationally and internationally as the "think tank" of communications.This volume deals with the summer 2001 gathering.The theme was ‘Anarchy or Diversity’? and the discussion ranged far and wide.With the regulation of broadcasting becoming ever more complex and fraught with difficulty everywhere but especially in the UK, and with the legislation being put forward to establish a new regulatory framework for the entire communications sector, nothing could be more pertinent.

Among contributors to the volume are a number of ULP authors including Marie Gillespie, Matthew Hibberd, David Morrison, Annabelle Sreberny and Jeannette Steemers together with senior figures from the world of broadcasting such as Stephen Whittle (Broadcasting Standards Commission), Richard Hooper (Radio Authority), Huw Jones (S4C) and Ray Fitzwalter (Campaign for Quality Television).

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