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Moving Images, Culture and the Mind

Moving Images, Culture and the Mind

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Moving Images, Culture and the Mind

Edited by: Ib Bondebjerg

Publication date: 2000
Total pages: 350
ISBN: 1 86020 573 9
Price: £ 22.50


Since the rise of cinema in 1896 moving images have been of increased importance in the construction of culture and society and for the ways in which we interact with reality and with each other. With the coming of television on a global mass scale in the 1960's and the birth of computers and the information society in the 1980's we are right now in an expanding and changing culture highly influenced by visual media. Moving Images, Culture and the Mind presents historical and contemporary case studies, analysis and theoretical perspectives on moving images. The articles touch upon different historical periods, and examples are taken from classical Hollywood cinema, the post-classical Hollywood era, classical and modern European cinema, non-fiction and documentary forms in film and television, the aesthetic forms of the new deregulated era of television and the computer and the digital revolution of media. The different case-studies and theoretical perspective contribute to the understanding of the role of media in the construction of a modern visual culture, and they discuss the role of visual media for socially and culturally defined audiences and in our cognitive and emotional interaction with different media and media genres. In this volume cultural studies meet cognitive studies centred round the question of the role of media and moving images in both culture and the mind. The theoretical dimensions in the book represent important interdisciplinary developments in film and media studies such as cultural studies, audience and reception studies and a psychological and cognitive perspective. This anthology directs the attention to ways in which different methodologies and theories in film and media studies can supplement each other, in stead of being parts of different scientific worlds and models of thought.


Ib Bondebjerg is Research Professor at the Department of Film and Media Studies, University of Copenhagen. Chair of IAMCR Working Group "Media and Popular Culture", and together with Peter Golding director of the ESF Media Research Project "Changing Media - Changing Europe". Member of ICA and SCS, Chairman Danish Film Institute (1997-) Has written articles on literature, cultural history and media and film to national and international journals and edited books. Latest books: Electronic Fictions. Television as a Narrative medium (1993, in Danish), Film and Modernity (forthcoming, in Danish), Television in Scandinavia. History, Politics and Aesthetics (1996), Danish Media History vol. 3, 1960-1996, (1996, in Danish) and Danish Film, 1972-97 (1997, in Danish).

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