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Animation - Art and Industry

Animation - Art and Industry

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Animation - Art and Industry

A Reader

Edited by: Maureen Furniss

Publication date: 2009
Total pages: 248
ISBN: 9780 086196 680 6
Price: £ 17.50


Animation: Art and Industry is an introductory reader covering a broad range of animation studies topics, focusing on both American and international contexts. It provides information about key individuals in the fields of both independent and experimental animation, and introduces a variety of topics relevant to the critical study of media, including censorship, representations of gender and race, and the relationship between popular culture and fine art. Essays span the silent era to the present context of web animation and gaming, and address animation made using a variety of techniques.


Introduction Maureen Furniss


Chapter 1 Starr, Cecile. “Fine Art Animation”. The Art of the Animated Image: An Anthology. Ed. Charles Solomon. Los Angeles: The American Film Institute, 1987.

Chapter 2 Moritz, William. “Some Critical Perspectives on Lotte Reiniger”. Animation Journal 5:1 (Fall 1996).

Chapter 3 Leslie, Esther. “it’s mickey mouse”. Hollywood Flatlands. London: Verso, 2002.

Chapter 4 Dobson, Terence. “Norman McLaren: His UNESCO Work in Asia”, Animation Journal 8:2 (Spring 2000).

Chapter 5 Drazen, Patrick. “Conventions versus Clichés”. Anime Explosion! The What? Why? & Wow! of Japanese Animation. Berkeley, CA: Stone Bridge Press, 2003.

Chapter 6 McCarthy, Helen. “My Neighbor Totoro”. Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation. Berkeley, CA: Stone Bridge Press, 1999.

Chapter 7 Quigley, Marian. “Glocalisation vs. Globalization: The Work of Nick Park and Peter Lord”. Animation Journal 10 (2002).

Chapter 8 Lindvall, Terry & Matthew Melton. “Toward a Postmodern Animated Discourse: Bakhtin, Intertexuality and the Cartoon Carnival”, Animation Journal 3:1 (Fall 1994).

Chapter 9 Stensland, Jørgen. “Innocent Play or the Copycat Effect? Computer Game Research and Classification”. Animation Journal 9 (2001).


Chapter 10 Canemaker, John. “Winsor McCay”. The American Animated Cartoon. Ed. Donald Peary and Gerald Peary. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1980.

Chapter 11 Kaufman, J.B. “The Live Wire: Margaret J. Winkler and Animation History”. Unpublished essay.

Chapter 12 Mikulak, Bill. “Disney and the Art World: The Early Years”. Animation Journal 4: 2 (Spring 1996).

Chapter 13 Lewell, John. “The Art of Chuck Jones”. Films and Filming 336 (September 1982).

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Chapter 15 Engel, Jules. Untitled essay in “The United Productions of America: Reminiscing Thirty Years Later”. Edited by William Moritz. ASIFA Canada (December 1984).

Chapter 16 Cohen, Karl. “Blacklisted Animators”. Forbidden Animation: Censored Cartoons and Blacklisted Animators in America. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1997. Edited.

Chapter 17 Frierson, Michael. “Clay Animation and the Early Days of Television: The ‘Gumby’ series”. Clay Animation: American Highlights 1908 to the Present. New York: Twayne, 1994.

Chapter 18 Hanna, Bill & Tom Ito. “Commercial Breaks”. A Cast of Friends. Dallas: Taylor, 1996.

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Chapter 21 Griffin, Sean. “The Illusion of ‘Identity’: Gender and Racial Representation in Aladdin”. Animation Journal 3:1 (Fall 1994).

Chapter 22 Simensky, Linda. “Selling Bugs Bunny: Warner Bros. and Character Merchandising in the Nineties”. Reading the Rabbit: Explorations in Warner Bros. Animation. Ed. Kevin S. Sandler. New Brunswick: Rutgers, 1998.


Maureen Furniss , the Founding Editor of Animation Journal, teaches on the animation faculty at California Institute of the Arts.

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