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A Night in at the Opera

A Night in at the Opera

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A Night in at the Opera

Media representations of opera Edited by jeremy Tambling

Edited by: Jeremy Tambling

Publication date: 1994
Total pages: 320
ISBN: 0 86196 466 7
Price: £ 25.00


What are the implications for opera and the opera house now that opera has become so popular on television and video, and why has cinema always been so much in love with opera?
A Night in at the Opera offers an arresting range of accounts of how the popular arts have represented this high art form written by specialists in music, media and popular culture.
Beginning with Aria (to name ten different films ­ or operas!) A Night in at the Opera surveys the whole field of films using opera, or relying on operatic motifs. It considers the fabulous investment made in the television Tosca and the idea of opera as television's national spectacle. It questions why the cult of 'the three tenors' (or Pavrotti in short) should be so much a mark of modern culture. Ultimately A Night in at the Opera asks what people want opera to be in post-modern culture and what is its status in the age of electronic reproduction?
A Night in at the Opera raises issues which have bearings on the sociology of music and about its implications for television and video culture. It looks at the relationships between serious and popular music (and the desire of some composers to work in the latter whilst being engaged in more classical composition) and at the love-hate relationships between Hollywood and La Scala. Finally, the book discusses the relationship between the diva and the gay, the tenor and national ideology and the part opera plays in the 'society of the spectacle'.


Jeremy Tambling teaches Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong, and has published on various aspects of literature and literacy theory.

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