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The Animated Film Collector's Guide

The Animated Film Collector's Guide

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The Animated Film Collector's Guide

By David Kilmer

Publication date: 1997
Total pages: 212
ISBN: 1 86462 002 1
Price: £ 25.00


In the video age, nearly every film ever made is available on video somewhere. The only problem is finding it. This very helpful book will solve that problem. This book lists, both by title and producer, sources for many hard-to-find films on video and on laserdisc, both new and out of print. If a title is out of print, this is the only source or information you will need to track it down. The Animated Film Collector’s Guide also consists of a listing of nearly 3000 animated films and the sources of their video copies. An added bonus is a listing of more than 200 films that have won major prizes at animation festivals and/or placed on animation polls.


David Kilmer‘s The Animated Film Collector’s Guide aims to be the collector’s bible ... Actually, it means to go one better, as illustrated by its subtitle ‘Worldwide Sources for Cartoons on Videotape and Laserdisc’. Not only will we be able to find out if a particular short or movie is available, we’ll be able to find out where to get it.”
Animation World Magazine, 1998


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David Kilmer has been a lifelong fan and student of animation. He is currently at work on a live action screenplay that incorporates animation. He lives in Los Angeles, USA.

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