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Be Seeing You

Be Seeing You

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Be Seeing You

Decoding The Prisoner

By Chris Gregory

Publication date: 1997
Total pages: 228
ISBN: 1 86020 521 6
Price: £ 17.50


In Be Seeing You: Decoding The Prisoner Chris Gregory investigates new ways of approaching the aesthetics of popular culture. Using a fluent, accessible style he draws together aspects of media studies, cultural studies, film studies, structuralism, mythology, literary criticism, feminism and social commentary to examine the position of The Prisoner as a 'television classic'.
Despite being broadcast almost thirty years ago, The Prisoner has continued to enjoy considerable cult status. Its unique visual elements (the setting of the Italianate 'Village' Portmeirion, props such as the huge white ball 'Rover' - the Village's menacing 'guardian' and its striped mock -'holiday' costumes) have helped it to 'stick' in the public mind and can still be frequently seen in advertising campaigns. More importantly, its allegorical depiction of a totalitarian 'world' where technology enables the powers-that-be to control every aspect of its 'citizens' lives becomes more and more relevant as the years go by.
This book contains critical 'decodings' of every one of the series' episodes, detailing how the series broke with the usual conventions of TV series. It also includes accounts of the making of the series and examines the reasons for its continuing relevance to today's audience.


Chris Gregory is a novelist, poet and writer with a particularly passionate interest in modern popular culture. He has worked for a number of years as a lecturer in Media Studies, English, Film Studies, Creative Writing and related fields.

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