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Boxed Sets

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Boxed Sets

Television Representations of Theatre

Edited by: Jeremy Ridgman

Publication date: 1998
Total pages: 224
ISBN: 1 86020 519 4
Price: £ 20.00


Since its beginnings in the 1930s, television in Britain has had a close relationship with the institution of theatre and with the process of dramatic production. The essays in this collection provide a wide-ranging examination of the way in which drama and theatre are represented on British broadcast television. It considers how dramatic literature and existing stage productions have been reinterpreted through the technologies and production practices of television and reconstructed for a radically different audience.
Boxed Sets will provide stimulating material for students of theatre and the media but will also appeal to the general reader with an interest in television and the performing arts.


Jeremy Ridgman lectures in Drama and Television Studies and convenes the degree programme in Film and Television Studies at Roehampton Institute London. He has published widely on aspects of contemporary drama and television.

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