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Broadcasting: Breaking Down the Barriers

Broadcasting: Breaking Down the Barriers

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Broadcasting: Breaking Down the Barriers

By Nick Baker

Publication date: 2000
Total pages: 240
ISBN: 1 86020 572 0
Price: £ 17.50


Broadcasting: Breaking Down the Barriers is essential reading for anyone hoping to break into television. It’s also a remarkable read for those already working in the industry. The book features interviews with top broadcasters like Trevor McDonald, Barry Norman and Philippa Forrester. Detailing their rise to fame and the challenges they encountered to get to the top, it also reveals the secrets of their careers. Their stories are fascinating and inspirational. If you want to find out just what it takes to make it in television then this book gives you all the answers.

As well as offering great advice the book takes a behind the scenes look at TV and includes interviews with top producers and editors. They divulge just how quickly the industry is changing and the way cutting edge technology is now playing a major role in how programmes are made and presented.

Television is by far one of the most dynamic and enjoyable professions to work in. As the competition to break in becomes even harder it’s vital to know exactly what moves to make. Getting your foot through the door and climbing the career ladder is tough but it’s never impossible. All the proof you need is contained in this book.

Interviewees include:
• Trevor McDonald • Katie Derham • Nick Owen • Kirsty Young • John Inverdale • Clare Balding • Margherita Taylor • Kirsten O’Brien • Barry Norman • Vanessa Feltz • Philippa Forrester


Nick Baker is a reporter for TVS.

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