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Changing Channels

Changing Channels

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Changing Channels

The Prospects for Television in a Digital World

Edited by: Jeanette Steemers

Publication date: 1998
Total pages: 192
ISBN: 1 86020 544 5
Price: £ 20.00


Although it could be argued that the future of broadcast television is irrelevant given the prospect of a multitude of mouth-watering digital services from which we select à la carte and on demand, this vision of an interactive culture remains a distant goal for the immediate future. Technical, financial and creative hurdles still have to be overcome for this to become a reality, and nobody knows at this stage whether the public will eventually buy into the new offerings. For this reason, television is emerging as an important component of digital strategies.
Changing Channels sets out to explore the potential impact of technological and structural change on the audiovisual media in the light of the increasing likelihood of convergence between telecommunications, broadcasting and computing. Starting with some basic questions about the definitional, economic, cultural and political implications of change, Changing Channels provides an opportunity to construct conceptual and analytical bases on which to judge future developments in the audiovisual field.
Changing Channels will be of interest to both media undergraduates and academics as well as media practitioners.


Dr Jeanette Steemers is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Media Arts at the University of Luton, UK. She has a professional background in international television. having worked as a researcher for the market research agency, CIT Research Ltd, and as Research Manager for HIT Entertainment Plc, a London-based TV distributor.

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