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Children, Television and the New Media

Children, Television and the New Media

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Children, Television and the New Media

Edited by: Paul Löhr, Manfred Meyer

Publication date: 1999
Total pages: 462
ISBN: 1 86020 567 4
Price: £ 35.00


Children TV and the New Media is directed to anyone who, for professional or private reasons, is interested in children’s and young people’s interrelation with the media, especially the broadcasting media: this includes - producers of children’s and young people’s programmes; students and scholars in communications and social sciences; parents, teachers, educators and other experts working in the field and with churches; parties and institutions engaged in youth, welfare and youth protection.

The main focus of the work of the Internationales Zentralinstitut für das Jugend- und Bildungsfernsehen (IZI), the information and documentation centre attached to the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation in Munich, is children’s and educational television, but the so-called New Media have extended this remit significantly. The everyday experience of the New Media, has moved into young people’s living rooms and bedrooms - radios, televisions, audio and video cassette recorders, Walkmen, Discmen and - increasingly and inexorably - personal computers with all the opportunities they offer for games, communication and the incentives for learning and the expansion of experience.

The articles chosen for Children, TV and the New Media provide an invaluable collection, covering the main topics of discussion in the field, which have dominated European debates over the last decade. The contributions selected are grouped under the following headings:

Children’s Television and Transformation
•Do Children Need Television?
•The Internet and Multimedia
•Television Features and Formats
•The Violence Issue
•Adolescents and their Media Worlds
• Music on Television


Paul Löhr is Head of the IZI and Manfred Meyer has recently retired as Deputy Head.

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