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Continuity and Change

Continuity and Change

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Continuity and Change

Television in Europe

Edited by: Milly Buonanno

Publication date: 2000
Total pages: 240
ISBN: 1 86020 575 5
Price: £ 20.00


Entering the digital era is bringing about a partial unification of the contexts within which the television industry of the European countries finds itself today. Not withstanding the permanence of numberless national specificities and differencies, the operational environment is everywhere becoming more complex and to a certain extent more turbulent, rife with competition for access to the three primary resources of the television market: audience, revenues, rights. It is against the background of this turbulent environment, both a threat and a window of opportunity for the television industry, that the third report of the Eurofiction project reads and analyses the production, supply and consumption of domestic drama and comedy in the five largest European countries.

Domestic production has continued to grow in 1998, reaching the total amount of more than five thousands hours and extending its presence specially in prime time; the local fiction prouve to be strategic in this higly competitive time slot, where it provides a successful substitute to the premium contents – movies and sport – migrating to the cable and satellite channels. More prime time fiction also means higher production costs, on the financial side, and stories mainly addressing a general family audience, to mention just one of the major trends on the cultural side.

Based on quantitative and qualitative methodologies, the Observatory’s monitoring of drama and comedy in the key European markets provides information which is invaluable to media scholars, policy-makers and broadcasting professionals and decision-makers working in the television industries of Europe.


Milly Buonanno is Director of the Osservatorio sulla Fiction Italiana (OFI) and Professor of the Sociology of Communication in the Department of Political Sciences and Sociology at the Universita de Firenze. She is the author and editor of many works on television and culture industries.

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