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Devils and Angels

Devils and Angels

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Devils and Angels

Television, Ideology and the Coverage of Poverty

By Eoin Devereux

Publication date: 1998
Total pages: 176
ISBN: 1 86020 545 3
Price: £ 20.00


Devils and Angels explores how television tells stories about poverty in an ideological way, using empirical analysis of the presentation of poverty on RTÉ television. It draws upon an approach which combines production-based research with a qualitative content analysis of a range of television programmes which deal with poverty. The text examines how poverty is explained on factual, fictional and fund-raising television.
The central contention of Devils and Angels is that the extent and character of poverty is masked by presentation. The poor themselves remain largely voiceless and invisible across the range of programme types considered in this study. They are replaced by spokespersons and other 'angel' figures who communicate with the television audience on their behalf. Television coverage of poverty is shown to be deeply ideological.
Devils and Angels is aimed at both undergraduate and graduate students of media and communications, sociology and journalism. It will be of particular use to those teaching courses on the sociology of media, media production, social theory and the sociology of inequality.


Dr Eoin Devereux is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

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