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A Directory of British Film and Video Artists

A Directory of British Film and Video Artists

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A Directory of British Film and Video Artists

Edited by: David Curtis

Publication date: 1996
Total pages: 240
ISBN: 1 86020 003 6
Price: £ 19.00


A Directory of British Film & Video Artists offers a review of the work of over 100 British artists working with film, video and new moving-image media. Each entry provides; a brief biography; a short overview essay assessing the significance of their work; an analysis of 3­4 key works; film stills; a full film/videography.


Included in the Directory are:
- the famous avant-garde directors who work through the medium of internationally-funded feature films: Steve Dwoskin, Peter Greenaway, Derek Jarman, Isaac Julian, Sally Potter;

- long-established radicals such as Peter Gidal and Malcolm LeGrice;
- the rising stars of Gay and Lesbian cinema including Connie Giannaris, John Maybury and Pratibha Parmar;
- artists who make work primarily for the gallery like Judith Goddard and Mona Hatoum;
- avant-garde animators including David Anderson and the Quay Brothers;
- artists working with digital and interactive technologies such as Simon Biggs and Richard Land.


David Curtis is Senior Film and Video Officer at the Arts Council of England.

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