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Global Newsrooms, Local Audiences

Global Newsrooms, Local Audiences

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Global Newsrooms, Local Audiences

A Study of the Eurovision News Exchange

By Akiba Cohen, Mark Levy, Michael Gurevitch, Itzhak Roeh

Publication date: 1996
Total pages: 192
ISBN: 1 86196 463 2
Price: £ 20.00


Global Newsrooms, Local Audiences is based on interviews, surveys, field observations and work with focus groups carried out in a dozen different nations by an international team of scholars. These findings represent the most up-to-date look at the Eurovision News Exchange (EVN) and offer details about international television news unobtainable in any other study.
Global Newsrooms, Local Audiences shows how the journalists of the EVN decide what is news; how news from the EVN is 'domesticated' by local broadcasters to meet the 'requirements' of local audiences; and how television viewers 'decode' and learn from foreign news which comes to them, at least in part, through the agency of the EVN.


'Despite ... Eurovision's very tangible presence in Europe, where it is a prime source of news pictures for broadcasters and where it does set the editorial agenda, the workings of the exchange system are surprisingly unfamiliar even to editors who use it daily. Fortunately Professors Cohen, Levy, Roeh and Gurevitch have had the patience and insight to explain it thoroughly in this well researched book.'
Tony Naets, Head TV News Divisions, EBU


Dr Akiba Cohen is Danny Arnold Professor of Communication and Dr Itzhak Roeh is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr Mark Levy and Dr Michael Gurevitch are Professors in the College of Journalism at the University of Maryland

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