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Imaginary Dreamscapes Television Fiction in Europe

Imaginary Dreamscapes Television Fiction in Europe

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Imaginary Dreamscapes Television Fiction in Europe

Edited by: Milly Buonanno

Publication date: 1998
Total pages: 190
ISBN: 1 86020 557 7
Price: £ 20.00


Published under the aegis of the European Audiovisual Observatory, the Eurofiction Report provides the first comparative analysis (with reference to 1996) of domestic fiction production in the five major European countries.Thanks to extensive monitoring, based on a methodology which id homogeneous both in quality and quanity, Eurofiction researchers have measured drama and comedy production in the five key markets of Europe ( Germany, Farnce, Italy, Spain and Great Britain). Imaginary Dreamscapes was written by scholars and researchers who have refined their skills to describe and interpret fiction while maintaining industry.
Experts in the history of broadcasting in their perspective countries have developed a comparative approach to assess the national specificity of television in their own countries on the basis of the similarities and difference with other national contexts. This crucial point makes the first Report a precious source for both those working in the television industry, and policy-makers in the sector at national and European levels


Milly Buonnano is Associate Professor in the Department of Sciences of Communication at the University of Salerno, and Director of the Osservatorio sulla Fiction Italia (OFI). She is the author and editor of numerous works on the television industry and culture.

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