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Celebrating 1895

Celebrating 1895

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Celebrating 1895

The Centenary of Cinema

Edited by: John Fullerton

Publication date: 1998
Total pages: 286
ISBN: 1 86462 015 3
Price: £ 35.00


Celebrating 1895 includes 27 of the finest papers presented at The Centenary of Cinema conference, June 1995. The first part discusses the reception of film as a new technology in the early part of the 20th century. The second focuses on exhibition and audiences. The relation of early film to popular culture forms the third part of the book, and through examining the way in which film as a new medium threw earlier definitions of the public and private sphere into disarray. The final part examines issues in the formal development of the medium and the response to initiatives arising from the ‘new film history’.


The Cinematography Collection of the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television; Kazimierz Prószy½ski and the origins of Polish cinematography; 'Cinema Wasn't Invented, It Growed': Technological Film Historiography Before 1913; Double Think: The Cinema and Magic Lantern Culture; Early Film Theory in Poland: The Work of Karol Irzykowski; Guarding the Borders in Early Cinema: The Shifting Ground of French-American Relations; Women Bioscope Proprietors - Before the First World War; Swedish 'Quality' Film: The Production Output of Orientaliska Teatern, 1911-1912; The Emergence of an Alternative Film Culture; Corruption, Criminality and the Nickelodeon; 'At the Picture Palace': The British Cinema Audience, 1895-1920; The Depiction of Hispanics and Other Races and Ethnicities in United States Film, 1895-1920; Bad Boy: Notes on a Popular Figure in American Cinema, Culture and Society, 1895-1905; Translating the Tom Show; Saturday Night at the X-Rays; Stunt-Stories: The Sensation Film Genre in Denmark; The Nationalisation of the Mass Spectator in Early German Film; Character as Economics: Fordism, The Consuming Housewife, and The Cheat; 'She's just like my granny! Where's her crown?' Monarchs and Movies, 1896-1916; Heritage Discourses and British Cinema Before 1920; 'Animated Geography': Early Cinema at the American Museum of Natural History; James Williamson's 'Composed Picture': Attack on a China Mission - Bluejackets to the Rescue (1900); The 'Philopene' Through Gringo Eyes; Na

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