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Knowing Audiences

Knowing Audiences

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Knowing Audiences

Judge Dredd Its Friends, Fan and Foes

By Martin Barker, Kate Brooks

Publication date: 1998
Total pages: 256
ISBN: 1 86020 549 6
Price: £ 22.50


How do people relate to and use films such as Judge Dredd? These 'Action' films, as they are generically called, have become a mainstay of Hollywood since the mid-1970s. They have frequently been accused of harming young people, especially perhaps of encouraging some towards imitative violence. While the evidence for these claims is either thin or non-existent, counter-evidence or different understandings have also been conspicuously absent. Although a considerable amount of audience research has been done within the media studies tradition, it has not looked specifically at the audiences of these types of film, nor has it passed beyond the loose claims that audiences are 'not passive' in their responses to such films.
Knowing Audiences: Judge Dredd is the result of an 18-month research project, started in 1995, which began looking into the audiences of the then-forthcoming film Judge Dredd . The research had two specific purposes; to explore the relations between people's prior orientations to the film, and their eventual responses to and judgements of the film; and secondly to report on the effectiveness and possible systemisation of the approach known as discourse analysis, which was the method used in analysing people's talk about the film.
This book will be of interest to undergraduate media and film studies students, media/film academics and practitioners


Dr Martin Barker is Reader in Media Studies at the University of Sussex. Kate Brooks is currently Research Assistant at University of Sheffield.

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