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Measuring Bias on Television

Measuring Bias on Television

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Measuring Bias on Television

By Barrie Gunter

Publication date: 1997
Total pages: 192
ISBN: 1 86020 526 7
Price: £ 20.00


It is probably true to say that television, as a mass medium, prides itself on its accuracy, balance and objectivity in providing news. Indeed, by law, broadcasters in Britain are required to ensure that factual coverage of political parties and topics, matters of industrial conflict and social policy is duly impartial and accurate. However accusations of bias are not infrequent, and are generally characterised by aggrieved parties claiming to have been treated unfairly, misrepresented or under-represented. Some of the most severe critics of television have been politicians.
Measuring Bias on Television explores the important issue of impartiality in news reporting, with special reference to news broadcasting on television. Barrie Gunter examines the position of impartiality or bias conceptually within the context of news objectivity, which itself represents a central aspect of performance and quality in television and other forms of news provision.
Measuring Bias on Television will be of particular interest to journalism and media undergraduates, media policy makers and practitioners.


Dr Barrie Gunter is Professor of Journalism and Director of Research in the Department of Journalism, University of Sheffield.

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