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Satellite Television and Everyday Life

Satellite Television and Everyday Life

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Satellite Television and Everyday Life

By Shaun Moores

Publication date: 1996
Total pages: 96
ISBN: 1 86020 506 2
Price: £ 15.00


What are the meanings of satellite television for its audiences? How is the technology used and made sense of in different household and neighbourhood contexts? What are the consequences of its arrival for constructions of personal and collective identity?
In Satellite Television and Everyday Life, Shaun Moores looks for answers to these and other questions in a discussion of his qualitative research on the domestic consumption of satellite TV. The resulting portraits reveal complex patterns of authority and resistance in families, disputes and anxieties over the siting of dishes, and varied identifications with broadcasting's image spaces.


Dr Shaun Moores is Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh.

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