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Secret State, Silent Press

Secret State, Silent Press

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Secret State, Silent Press

New militarism, the Gulf and the modern image of warfare

By Richard Keeble

Publication date: 1998
Total pages: 228
ISBN: 1 86020 539 9
Price: £ 22.50


Most writing about the media and war fails to problemise adequately the nature of warfare or place the media within a wider, historically contextualised, social, economic and political setting. In contrast, Secret State, Silent Press seeks to problematise radically the Gulf War of 1991 arguing, controversially, that there was no war at all.
At its heart lie these crucial questions: What kind of state systems were operating in the UK and US, the countries under review? What kinds of warfare do these states conduct? And most significantly, what roles does the press play in relation to these states and societies, and how does the press represent the wars they engage in?
Central to the argument of Secret State, Silent Press is the notion of 'myth' which is used throughout in the sense of manufactured story/constructed illusion. The story carries considerable potency and credibility because it is not a complete fantasy. The mythical fantasy is, in fact, based on widely held assumptions, beliefs and ideologies. There is no massive conspiracy to con the public. Rather, the construction of the myth emerges out of profound political, historical, cultural, ideological forces which this work seeks to identify.
Secret State, Silent Press will be of interest to media undergraduates, broadcasters and journalists as well as to historians.


Dr Richard Keeble is Senior Lecturer and Director of the Journalism and Social Science BA programme at City University, London.

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