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Some Big Bourgeois Brothel

Some Big Bourgeois Brothel

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Some Big Bourgeois Brothel

Europe's Culture Wars with Hollywood

By Bill Grantham

Publication date: 1999
Total pages: 192
ISBN: 1 86020 535 6
Price: £ 17.50


France and the American cinema industry have been rivals for more than 100 years. Some Big Bourgeois Brothel examines Franco-American cinema relations, and France's (and Europe's) periodic attempts to curb Hollywood's access to the French market. The major focus of the book is the French influence on ­ and American reaction to ­ the European Union's Television Without Frontiers directive and the 1993 talks on the Uruguay Round of the GATT. These recent events are set in the context of cultural, political, commercial and legal history and the two country's competing concepts of art and commerce.


Bill Grantham covered the international entertainment industry in the 1980s from London and Paris for many publications, including Variety, Screen International and Television Business International. He now practices entertainment and intellectual property law in Los Angeles. A Dubliner by birth, he was educated in Ireland, England, France and the United States.

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