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Television Across the Years

Television Across the Years

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Television Across the Years

The British Public's View

By Michael Svennevig

Publication date: 1999
Total pages: 90
ISBN: 0 90048 578 7
Price: £ 15.00


Television Across The Years: The British Public's View brings together, for the first time in one volume, the main findings of the Attitudes to Television surveys, commissioned annually since 1970, by the Independent Television Authority, the Independent Broadcasting Authority and the Independent Television Commission.
The annual Attitudes to Television role has been to monitor the public's views on issues such as political impartiality, taste and decency and the treatment of minorities as well as to seek their views on the principles of regulation and to gauge interest in new technology.
Television Across The Years: The British Public's View contains chapters on the rise of technology in the home, the growth of choice, the uses of television, quality, offence and sensibilities, regulation and television advertising. Finally there is an overview of the period that the annual surveys covered.
British television is entering the most significant period of change in its history, with the arrival of digital and interactive television services (available through the television set) such as the internet, home shopping and video on demand. The findings in this work will therefore document the main issues, trends and changes found in past surveys, while presenting an overview of the social, technological and attitudinal environment which the new digital will inherit.
Television Across The Years: The British Public's View is a unique work documenting the relationship between the British public and its television. It will be an invaluable research tool for those wanting to see, at a glance, the long-term patterns of change in viewing habits as well detecting shifts in the audiences' opinion on, for example, sexual material, violence and bad language.


Michael Svennevig is Research Director in the Research Centre for Future Media at the University of Leeds. He has worked in the Broadcasting Research Department of the BBC, in the Research Department of the IBA (where he was co-author of Attitudes to Broadcasting Over the Years, 1988), and has been Media Research Director at Research International.

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