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Television in Scandinavia

Television in Scandinavia

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Television in Scandinavia

History, Politics and Aesthetics

Edited by: Ib Bondebjerg, Francesco Bono

Publication date: 1996
Total pages: 256
ISBN: 1 86020 509 7
Price: £ 22.50


Television in Scandinavia is the first comprehensive book on the history, politics and aesthetics of television in the five Scandinavian countries.
Television in Scandinavia makes it possible to see resemblances and differences in Scandinavian media culture and to see national television history in a broader, international perspective.
Television in Scandinavia focuses equally on the past and the present. For each of the major Scandinavian countries the national historical development of television is described and the latest tendencies highlighted. This is set in the context of the broader historical, social and cultural background of these countries.
Much of modern media history has to be understood in a global perspective as well. Traditional Scandinavian culture has now developed a much stronger European dimension, and the role of national regulation and support has been expanded in line with certain elements of a common European media strategy and policy ­ although this is still very much in the making.


Ib Bondebjerg is Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen. Francesco Bono is Lecturer at the University of Viterbo, Italy.

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