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Tune In or Buy In?

Tune In or Buy In?

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Tune In or Buy In?

Edited by: Jo Langham Brown, Sue Ralph, Tim Lees

Publication date: 1997
Total pages: 174
ISBN: 1 86020 531 3
Price: £ 20.00


In the current rapidly changing climate, with analogue technology increasingly superceded by digital, and traditional work practices being challenged, will public service broadcasting disappear in favour of audience-led programming? The 1996 Manchester University Broadcasting Symposium examined the issues surrounding the current upheavals in the industry, including regulation, ownership, digitalisation, labour relations, multi-skilling, staffing, recruitment, distribution of resources, content and standards.
The opportunities for academics and broadcasters to work together were further enhanced by the presentation of seminal research papers, and the symposium continues to provide an important forum for educationalists, newcomers to the industry and experienced practitioners to address these concerns.
Contributors include Rt Hon Jack Cunningham, Sonia Livingstone, George Gaskill, Roger Bolton, Mike Spencer, Michael Pilsworth, Helen Boaden, John Gray, Colin Philpott, Simon Schroeder, Rob McLoughlin, John Elridge, Alison Lyon, Brook Sinclair, Tony Lennon, Michael Morris, Martin Wainwright, Nick Higham, Tony Stoller, Colin Shaw, Jo Langham Brown, Barbara Crowther, Amanda Hayne, Brent MacGregor, John Munday, Dave Rushton, Mark Wheeler and Manuel Alvarado.
Tune in or Buy in? will be of interest to media students and academics as well as broadcasters and broadcast policy makers.


Sue Ralph is Co-ordinator of the MEd in Education and the Mass Media and the MEd in Adult and Continuing Education and Training at the University of Manchester.
Jo Langham Brown is a Senior Research Lecturer at University College, Warrington and teaches on the European Media MA at the University of Manchester.
Tim Lees provides support services for media courses at the University of Manchester and is Administrator of the Symposium.

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