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TV on your Doorstep

TV on your Doorstep

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TV on your Doorstep

Decentralization Experiences in the European Union

Edited by: Miquel de Moragas Spà, Carmelo Garitaonandia, Bernat López

Publication date: 1999
Total pages: 300
ISBN: 1 86020 547 X
Price: £ 30.00


As media globalisation continues apace, so the significance of regional television grows. In the rapidly changing European Union, there are now more than 300 television stations broadcasting and this figure increases to thousands when talking about local (urban) television.
Television on your Doorstep examines the decentralisation policies and processes which have informed the development of 'small-scale' television in each member state of the European Union focusing mainly on the regional level but referring as well to the much more complex world of urban television. Over 20 acknowledged experts analyse in depth the legal framework, the structure and the financial operation of television in the regions and cities of Europe and pay particular attention to: regional programming strategies and genres; the use of native minority languages; the level of respect and sensitivity displayed towards regional cultural identities. The impact of the latest communication technologies on regional programming in the new digital era is also assessed.
Television on your Doorstep presents 14 national reports together with a detailed overall account of television in the regions and cities in the European Union and its popularity with viewers who often prefer a form of broadcasting which is closer to the political and economic environment of their everyday lives. Contrary to expectations Television on your Doorstep reveals that the most popular regional programmes - local news bulletins - sometimes surpass the popularity of national news bulletins and also indicates that other genres can achieve viewing figures as high as those for national television. Sports reporting and even the most expensive area of television production - drama series and serials - can be extremely popular in their portrayal of everyday life in small and medium-sized communities.
The highly original research presented in this volume provides new data on the seemingly contradictory processes of media globalisation and decentralisation. Television on your Doorstep is also optimistic about the future of television in the regions and cities in the new era of digital and multi-channel broadcasting.


M iquel de Moragas Spà is Professor of Communications at the Faculty of Communication Sciences and Director of both the Institute of Communications (InCom) and the Olympic Studies Centre (Autonomous University of Barcelona). Carmelo Garitaonandía is Professor of Communications at the Faculty of Information Sciences (University of the Basque Country). Bernat López is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Communication Sciences (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

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