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   One Hundred Years of
   Cinema Animation

   Giannalberto Bendazzi


Hardback 514 p. £ 50.00  $ 89.95 ISBN 0 86196 446 1994
Paperback 514 p. £ 25.00  $ 39.95 ISBN 0 86196 445 1994

Cartoons - One hundred years of cinema animation provides the first comprehensive detailed history and critique of cinema animation produced around the world. It is the long-awaited English language edition of a reference book which has already been acclaimed as a classic work of scholarship, in its Italian and French editions, on the marvelous and exciting subject of animated cinema.

The account opens in France in 1888 when Emile Raynaud invented the Théâtre Optique and whose work with moving painted images pre-dates the first public presentation of moving images by Edison in the USA in 1894 (Kinetoscopes Edison) and the first public projection of moving cinematographic images by the Lumière brothers in France in 1895.

The book is divided according to the major filmmakers and national cinemas. All regions of the world are covered in this lavishly illustrated and encyclopaedic account.

Cartoons - One hundred years of cinema animation covers 90 countries, 2,500 animators, 3,500 films and contains a great deal of information which has never before been published.


Praise from reviewers:

'This comprehenisve history and critique of world animation ... is a wonderful encyclopaedic history of animation. Bendazzi is one of our leading animation historians ... and Cartoons is obviously going to become both a standard text in animation history and basic reference works as well, a status it well deserves.' Harvey Deneroff, Society for Animation Studies Newsletter.

A new reference work of importance ... It's the most comprehensive work of its kind. Starting in 1888, coming up to Aardman and Alladin, and including detailed chapters on African and Asian cartooning' Philip French, The Observer

Perhaps no film book deserves more applause this year than Cartoons - One hundred years of cinema animation ... a volume as elegant and quirkish as the medium it traces. Hollywood gets fair coverage, but the author brings a wide ranging scholarship to bear on its history of world animation ... while the cel reproduction, in monochrome and full-colour is exemplary.' Peter Cowie (Ed) Variety International Film Guide 1996

Giannalberto Bendazzi is a founding member of the Society for Animation Studies. He has published many books, including works on Woody Allen and Mel Brooks.