Walt Disney
and Europe


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  Walt Disney
  and Europe

   European Influences
   on the Animated Feature
   Films of Walt Disney

   Robin Allan
      August 1998

Hardback 304 p. 40.00  $ 49.95 ISBN 1 86462 040 4 1999
Paperback 304 p. 22.50  $ 24.95 ISBN 1 86422 041 2 1999

Walt Disney and Europe is a fascinating study of the way Europe and European culture influenced Walt Disney and his artists in the making of the Disney animated feature films from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Jungle Book. Unlike many other books on Disney it is not based on secondary sources, nor does it attempt to cover the whole range of the Disney phenomenon, but concentrates on the classic animated feature films that were produced under Walt Disney's personal supervision. These films are still the basis of the company's continuing success and Dr. Allan, through archival research and through interviews with many of those who worked closely with Walt Disney himself, has written a unique account of the films and their links with Europe.

The book has been meticulously researched and will be invaluable to all those interested in the rapidly expanding world of animation, as well as to the lay reader interested in popular culture generally or Disney in particular. It is lavishly illustrated in black and white and colour, from public collections and from rare private archives from both Europe and the USA, many of which have never been published before.

Robin Allan lectures in film, drama and English and has been studying Disney for most of his life. He has toured Europe in his research and Walt Disney and Europe is the accumulation of ten years study, both sides of the Atlantic. He has published two children's books and many articles on Disney and has lectured on the subject in Britain, North America, France and Germany.


Preface (Brian Sibley); Introduction and acknowledgements; Walt Disney: The Man and the Studio; European Influences Before Snow White; 'I Believe in Fairy Tales': Snow White; Pinocchio; Introduction to Fantasia; Fantasia: From Bach to Stravinsky; Fantasia: From Beethoven to Schubert; The Nineteen-Forties; From Cinderella to Disneyland; From Magic Kingdom to Mowgli; Conclusion; Appendices; Bibliography; Select Filmography; Index.