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ASIFA Magazine

The International Journal of Animation

Editor in chief: Chris Robinson
Issues: Two issues p.a. in 2006


SUBSCRIPTION RATES Private rates: All countries (except N. America) surface mail UKú25 (US$45) air mail UKú30 (US$55); Institutional rates: All countries (except N. America) surface mail UKú40 air mail UKú45 (US$80)


CARTOONS: An International Journal of Animation is a new journal of animation, created from the ASIFA Magazine as an independent publication. The publication has a scholarly approach, together with high quality and well illustated feature material ? thoughtful, well written and pertinent, complementing the purely academic. The journal is smart and readable ... a journal that ?glories in? the immense creativity of present-day animators. Academic material. This will be a section of well illustrated articles. Traditional and computer generated animation would be covered. Feature material. Festival review/analysis including objective and strong criticism, with extensive illustration. Feature articles will concern individual animators and their work (illustrated) - not restricted to ASIFA members; in-depth commentary and analysis of individual films; provocative topics, profiles/biographies of animators and animation schools, interviews, practical and technical aspects - articles about the business of animation; probing interviews with great artists, weaving together personal lives with their expression in animation; hard-hitting non-promotional reviews of festivals. News material. Including book/DVD reviews, festival reviews (criticism would be in the Features section); awards/honours/industry strategic news, forthcoming events (with site links); animation business ? analysis of companies/studios and their strategy. Submission of manuscripts for publication to: Chris J. Robinson Editor-in-Chief 140 King George Street Ottawa, Ontario K1K 1V3 Canada. E-mail: Managing Editor: John Libbey [e-mail:]

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Back Issues. Volume 1 is available at the current annual subscription rate. Single copies: Individuals: UKú10.0; Add shipping: UKú2.00 for the first issue ordered; UKú1.00 for each additional copy

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