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Film History

    An International Journal           

    Editor in Chief :
    Richard Koszarski


The subject of Film History is the historical development of the motion picture, and the social, technological and economic context in which this has occurred. Its areas of interest range from the technical and entrepreneurial innovations of early and pre-cinema experimenters, through all aspects of the production, marketing, distribution, exhibition and reception of commercial and non-commercial motion pictures. In addition to original research in these areas, Film History surveys the paper and film holdings of archives and libraries world-wide, publishes selected examples of primary documentation (such as early film scenarios) and reports on current publications, exhibitions, conferences and research in progress.

Each issue of Film History is devoted to a specific theme: those of volume 9 (1997) focussed on Silent Cinema, Non-Fiction Film, Screenwriters and Screenwriting, and International Cinema of the 1910s. Forthcoming topics include Cinema Pioneers, Film and Television, 'Red Scare', a special issue on the Centennial of Cinema Literature, and Film Technology.

'Anyone with a serious interest in the history of the cinema should subscribe to Film History. This excellent journal combines the rigors of contemporary research with a wide range of historical interests. It is first rate scholarship presented in a clear and compelling way.' - Martin Scorsese, Film Director

'As Film Studies has discovered the need for a firm foundation in historical research and investigation, Film History, has become essential reading for our field. No other journal publishes such a range of insightful, carefully researched articles which are literally re-defining our concept of the cinema's past and helping us to re-conceptualise its future. I consider this the most exciting film journal now being published in English.' - Prof Tom Gunning, University of Chicago

'In the course of its short history, Film History has scored a remarkable success, winning an increased readership, stimulating new research, and establishing itself as an essential journal for those with interest in the development of the film medium.' - Prof William Uricchio, Utrecht University

'Film History is the most authoritative journal in its field - and the most entertaining. Clearly written and very well researched, it is an invaluable resource for archivists, scholars and any library with an interest in film or the media.'- David Francis, The Library of Congress, Washington, DC

Film History is, without question, the best of the English-language serious film periodicals; its articles are carefully researched, well annotated, and while academically sound are readable and accessible to the general public.' - Classic Images

Film History is published quarterly.

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